Lower Breast Cancer Risk, Despite DNA, Maintain Healthy Body Weight

Despite DNA, exercise to lower breast cancer risk and healthy body weight, according to Robert Gramling.

Lower breast cancer risk, despite DNA, maintain healthy body weight. Exercise to lower cancer risk says Robert Gramling, professor at University of Rochester, who helps people beat the odds. A recent breast cancer study says regular exercise, limiting alcohol intake, and maintaining a healthy body weight is the key.

breast cancer

“We have more awareness of our familial risks, and we may be led to believe there’s nothing we can do — that it’s fate,” Dr. Robert Gramling, a professor at the University of Rochester in New York, said in a statement. However, his study showed “whether or not you have a family history of the disease, engaging in healthy behaviors is beneficial” and despite what your DNA has to say.

With so many opinions on the mammogram debate, and preventive mastectomy procedures that some women undergo to beat breast cancer odds, the recent study suggests that it’s all about maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Specifically, the researchers found women who had a family history of breast cancer lowered their risk by about one-fourth by getting regular exercise, limiting their alcohol intake and maintaining a healthy body weight.

Similarly, women without a family history of the disease who followed a healthy lifestyle lowered their risk by about the same amount, according to Gramiling. The researchers based their analysis on data from 85,644 postmenopausal women who participated in the Women’s Health Initiative, a long-term study launched in 1991 and conducted by the National Institutes of Health. They considered a woman to have a family history of breast cancer if her mother or sister developed the disease after age 45.

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