Men’s Health Myths

There are several men’s health myths. Sometimes the myths and health information you hear isn’t always true. We have compiled a list of men’s facts vs fiction when it comes to well being.

One of the most common is shaving hair that will grow in thicker. Often times, you hear of stories from mothers that their young sons are shaving in an effort to grow a thick beard. Unfortunately for them, this will not help. This tops our list of men’s health myths. it won’t help.

A common myth for women is that stress turns your hair gray. No evidence has come to the surface that shows gray hair and stress or worries have any correlation. For now we can just say that getting gray hair at a young age is due to genetics and not surrounding issues.

One of my favorite myths about men comes when working out. No pain, no gain. Hopefully when the that slogan is being thrown around people are referring to fatigue.

If not, stop right there because no exercise should actually hurt. If it hurts then you probably aren’t doing something right and can cause serious injury.

Having a burn is different than a sharp pain. Working out your biceps to the point where on that last set and rep you feel a burning, then good job, that’s the ‘pain’ you want to feel. Always consult with your physician before exercising.

Other common myths associated with guys include the bigger the shoe size, the bigger the tool, or that men die earlier than women because they are unhealthy. Also, people assume that breast cancer is something that only women can get, but men can as well. It is a rare occurrence with only 300 in the UK being diagnosed with the disease each year.