By: Jennifer Hong - Staff Writer
Published: May 14, 2021

Power of Pushups

Power of Pushups - More people are getting a great exercise that works almost all the muscles of your upper body from the power of pushups. It can be performed almost anywhere. We have a few tips on how to get the best out of the exercise.

Lets begin with the basics of pushups, what muscles do they works exactly, how many types of pushups there Pushups work almost every muscle in the upper body. The most prominent muscles involved are the deltoids, triceps, neck, upper and lower back, and chest or pectorals. All these muscles are worked in sync when the pushup is performed properly.

The proper way to do a pushup is to have your feet placed firmly together in the pushup position. Keep your back straight and head facing right in front of you; it’s a common misconception to have your face into the ground as this does not work the neck muscles. When you go down to do your pushup inhale and exhale as you come up. Continue this routine for every pushup. The breathing is a good way to keep count while providing extra energy or chi to your body actually allowing you to do more pushups per set.

There are many different types of pushups which put additional resistance on the body part you want to work out most. Having your arms spread as far as possible places additional resistance on the chest. Forming a triangle with your hands allows you to work your triceps to a greater extent.

Many exercises that are part of the pushup regimen include doing them fast, slow, and clapping pushups.

Doing them fast is great if you want to lean out your muscles, doing them slowly will actually increase your strength by keeping the muscles in contraction longer and clapping pushups are probably the best kind because they require you to explode up and clap your hands working all the muscles in the body while increasing your arm and hand speed.

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