Robotic Trousers ReWalk Prevents Health Problems

Robotic Trousers

Robotic trousers ReWalk prevents health problems. Israeli entrepreneur Amit Goffer has invented robotic trousers named ReWalk. This new can prevent health complications such as digestive, cardiovascular, urinary and circulatory problems.

In 1997, Goffer was paralyzed in a car accident from the neck down. He invented robotic trousers with hopes of replacing the wheelchair. In addition, he wants to improve the quality of life for others who are paralyzed. He cannot utilize his own invention because hand and arm movement is required and Goffer is a quadriplegic.

ReWalk is a lightweight device comprising an upper body harness, backpack and full leg supports. The supports have motorized hips and knees. Advance motion sensors placed in the shoulder and connected to a backpack computer detect subtle changes in gravity, telling the device when a step needs to be taken. Users control the movement of the leg supports with the help of crutches, so wearers must have the use of their upper bodies in order to control the device. A battery pack provides three hours of continuous movement.

“ReWalk is a man-machine device,” Oren Tamari, chief operating officer of Argo Medical Technologies, said in a statement. “The machine cannot walk by itself. The user cannot walk by himself. Only when they are together they can walk,” Tamari said.

“When I use the ReWalk I feel like I am maintaining my body,” Radi Kaiuf, a ReWalk evaluator who was paralyzed during his Israeli military service in 1988, said in a statement. “It is like taking a car to the garage – it feels great. The ReWalk will be going on sale in January 2011. It has had years of clinical trials in Israel and the United States. It will soon be available to rehabilitation centers worldwide.

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