Similac Recall: Over 5 Million Containers Removed From Stores

Similac Recall: Beetles Concern Prompts Infant Formula To Be Recalled

By: Staff
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Published: Sep 25, 2021

Similac Recall

The latest Similac recall is worrying parents. The recall prompted five million containers of Similac infant formula to be taken off store shelves.

A couple new details-- all Similac powder formula sold in rectangular are recalled. If you bought it in cans or other packaging you have to check the lot number to see if its affected. The makers of Similac have increased their call center operators and website capacity. The website kept crashing but its up and running now.

Similac, one of the most popular brands of infant formula, was recalled this week after its manufacturer, Abbott Laboratories announced that it may be contaminated with small beetles. Nearly 5 million cans have been recalled after beetles and their larvae were discovered in some of the cans.

The production plant where the contamination took place is in Sturgis, Michigan. A list of lot numbers has been made available online by the company on their website, although many have complained that they have not been able to access the website. The recall pertains only to the powdered formula mixes, not the liquid formula.