Synthetic Cocaine Sold As Bath Salts Drug

Synthetic Cocaine Sold As Bath Salts — Drug labels? Synthetic cocaine sent dozens of people to hospitals after being sold as bath salts. Experts are warning parents about the latest drug label that has has rapidly spread across the Orlando area.

The makers call it “bath salts” or “plant feeder” and are sold under a variety of brand names, but experts say it’s really fake synthetic cocaine. The labels also usually say it’s “not for human consumption.” The U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency said teens are snorting it to get high.

The DEA said the drug gives users euphoria and extreme energy. However, they also experience negative signs such as agitation. Some of the young people even suffer from hallucinations.

“Some people get even chest pain or cardiovascular collapse,” said Dr. Josef Thundiyil, who works in Orlando Regional Medical Center emergency rooms and is a toxicologist. “It’s appealing to kids because it is legal, because you can get it on the Internet. Whenever it’s new and on the Internet there’s the appearance that it might be safe, when in reality we actually don’t know that it’s safe.”

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