‘Toxic’ Candy – Lead prompts recall. ‘Toxic’ is the word to describe candy that’s been recalled after elevated levels of lead were found. The California Department of Public Health said there were no reported cases of illnesses.

Candy Dynamics, also known as Circle Marketing and Distributing, recalled the products after California Department of Public Health tests revealed elevated levels of lead. Officials said that there have been no reported cases of illness linked to the Toxic sweets and that they were taking more of a precautionary measure.

“If you had one piece of this, I wouldn’t be too concerned,” said Mike Sicilia, a spokesman with the California health department. “If you’re pregnant, I would talk to your physician.”

Sicilia also said California conducts random tests of candy to determine whether it contains elevated levels of lead. When consumed, lead can lead to health problems, especially for infants, small children and pregnant women. No other Toxic waste product was involved in the recall.