Honda FCX Clarity Wins Green Car Award

The Honda FCX Clarity has been named the 2009 World Green Car by the New York International Auto Show. The Honda vehicle has zero emissions and hydrogen-powered fuel cell technology as its alternative energy.

Honda FCX Clarity Emits Zero Emissions While Using Hydrogen Fuel Cells For Alternative Energy
American Honda Motor Co., Inc was recognized as an automaker committed to helping the environment. The Honda Clarity was declared the 2009 World Green Car by the New York International Auto Show. The alternative fuel vehicle has zero emissions and runs on hydrogen-powered fuel cells.

“The FCX Clarity is a symbol of the progress we have made with fuel cell vehicles and our commitment to developing vehicles that promote renewable energy supplies and zero-emissions transportation,” Vice president Steve Center, National Marketing Operations for American Honda, said in a statement.

The FCX Clarity is one of the first sedans powered by hydrogen-powered fuel cells on the market. The automobile is propelled by an electric motor that runs on electricity generated by an on-board fuel cell stack. The vehicle’s only emission is water, and its fuel efficiency is up to three times that of a modern gasoline-powered automobile and two times that of a gasoline-powered hybrid vehicle.

The fuel cell vehicle is powered by an electric motor running on electricity generated by a hydrogen-powered fuel cell stack. The Honda E-Drive electric motor is used to reduce the amount of CO2 being released in our atmosphere. The compact coaxial motor is quieter and can run at higher RPM.

For energy efficiency and speed, the automobile uses a lithium-ion battery pack which captures lost energy during deceleration and braking. The battery is lightweight and smaller than traditional hybrid cars. It is located under the rear seat of the vehicle in an effort to provide more trunk space.

One of Honda’s new breakthrough technologies is called the Vertical Flow (V Flow) fuel cell stack. The design is smaller, allowing for better packaging efficiency, and it allows room for more passengers. This technology allows higher cell voltage stability and reduces the amount of heat generated.

The V Flow stack also plays a role in the powertrain for the FCX Clarity. It provides the motor and powertrain components with a 30 percent increase vehicle efficiency. The automobile powertrain also has noise reduction measures, which help the fuel cell car operate quietly.


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