Hybrid Automobiles To Plug In For 2010

Plug In Hybrid Solutions For 2010 Automobiles

Consumers will soon have more plug in options from Hybrid automobiles during the next 12 months. While the auto industry is facing severe economic times, the plan to move forward and offer more plug in cars is the direction they are taking. It is surprising how far the car manufacturers have reached in new green car technologies in the past 24 months.

I am currently driving a 2010 plug in Hybrid automobile, which was given to me as a loaner from a local dealership, and all I am amazed at its performance and mileage. It’s not just the mileage and fuel economy, but the advanced technology that is going into these hybrid vehicles. Some of the breakthroughs are puzzling, but it’s a new industry that it makes it challenging and exciting.

The hybrid handles smoothly and with ease. It just knows what I’m about to do next, whether it be to stop at a red light, or when I need fast accelerating when getting onto the highway. I was never this excited about hybrid cars up to the present moment.

Yesterday I was sitting in traffic, and I was starring at a pickup truck in front of me. Each time the truck moved, it blasted dark smoke out of its tailpipe. I was nearly choking from the exhaust.

This was something that reminded me something we quickly forget. It’s not just the mileage and savings, we get from these plug in vehicles, we are helping the environment, and perhaps we’re saving a few asthma victims.

There was a recent study published that most children today who have asthma happen to live near smog-filled cities. While this is just a theory, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was true. When I visit Los Angeles, I see nothing but a cloud of pollution hovering between buildings in the city, as if it’s a dirty air depository.

The cars we drive tomorrow will have plug in hybrid benefits. The ability to recharge (or refuel) your hybrid car directly from any standard home 100 volt outlet. Why pay for gas if you’re just making a trip to the grocery store?

When you think about it, most of our daily travels to run errands are short distances. It doesn’t make sense to pollute the air and spend money on gasoline to make these trips. The auto industry knows it, so be ready for more plug in automobiles, they’re coming!

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