2010 Toyota Prius Offers Green Car Eco Plastics

The 2010 Toyota Prius offers Eco Plastics derived from plants that make this a great hybrid green car. Prius also has an Eco Mode to optimize its total fuel economy and an EV-Drive Mode to run electric power.

2010 Toyota Prius uses plants and recycleable green car technologies for its hybrid interior.

The 2010 Toyota Prius is one of the new hybrid cars on the market to offer Eco Plastics derived from plants. This green car also features an Eco Mode to optimize its total fuel economy. The EV-Drive Mode runs the vehicle on electric power.

The 2010 Prius has one of the best interiors, which features a Tracer Display unlike anything we’ve seen in dashboards. It lets you control automobile functions with buttons on the steering wheel while the Tracer Display superimposes these buttons over your dashboard. You can easily keep an eye on your speedometer while searching for music on the stereo.

Toyota Motor Corp put a lot of work into this display, and you can tell they paid close attention to details. The graphic overlay is bright and sharp. The lighting is also adjustable that allows you to set how bright the dashboard can be.

Toyota Prius features an optional powered sunroof with Solar Powered Ventilation System. This moon roof can tilt and slide and protects the interior from heat. You can use climate control settings to allow the Solar Powered Ventilation System to cool the cabin once it reaches 86 degrees.

The neat thing about the Ventilation System on the Toyota 2010 Prius is that comes on automatically without using its hybrid battery or engine. The system collects energy from the solar panels, which powers a fan to run. I really like this feature as no one likes to enter a vehicle with a temperature of 110 degrees.

Prius also has a Remote Air conditioner System that allows you to active its A/C from your key chain. It features a voice-activated touch-screen DVD navigation system, XM NavTraffic and backup camera are optional, while a JBL AM/FM/MP3 6-disc CD changer, eight speakers, integrated satellite radio capability and Bluetooth connectivity come standard in most trims. The automobile has plenty of cargo space and legroom for backseat passengers.

The 2010 Prius also has several safety features. Standard features come with seven airbags, active head restraints, traction control, electronic stability system and all-disc anti-lock brakes. A lane-drift warning system and pre-collision system that prepares the Hybrid for impact are optional, as is the all-new radar-based adaptive cruise control that maintains your speed based on the speed of the car ahead of you.


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