Chevy Volt Electric Car Price Questions Affordability

GM Chevy Volt Electric Car Price Too High?

The Chevy Volt electric car was meant to be affordable, but General Motors Corp confirmed that a price tag of $39,000 is only the breakeven point for the automaker. The GM Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle uses similar hybrid technologies as other car manufacturers. GM wants to go on a step further and offer a pure electric solution.

GM will decide on whether to file for bankruptcy protection this weekend. The automaker might have more problems down the road if it expects the consumer to pay more than double the cost for an electric vehicle. Moreover, the Volt could worsen problems for GM if it doesn’t turn a profit.

While the 2011 Volt is still on schedule, GM isn’t in a position to bankroll further tests. The car manufacturer is sitting on debt, which is totaling billions. The latest Chevy Volt news indicates the automobile should be available next year.

The GM Volt electric car was actually known as the 2010 Volt up until this year. It is now known as the 2011 Chevy Volt with complete plug in hybrid solutions. The vehicle is targeting about 45 percent of Americans that travel across less than 40 miles per day.

The Chevy Volt battery pack will provide up to 40 miles without using gasoline. The batteries are lithium-ion which GM hopes to redesign in an effort to extend its charge. While the Volt has plug in hybrid features, the automaker labels it as the GM Volt Electric Car.

The Chevrolet Volt has a new revolutionary propulsion system to generate electric power with a gasoline engine. It provides extended drives when combined with the battery and gas-powered engine. One of the things that separates this automobile from others is the zero tailpipe emissions.

The vehicle is advertised as a complete gas-free alternative solution, although it still uses a combustion engine. It was built as a plug in alternative energy solution for consumers who drive between 40 to 100 miles. However, until the Volt is released to the public, we don’t know what the exact MPG rating will be.

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