Future Electric Vehicles Aim For More Speed

Electric Vehicles WIll Provide Faster Travel For Daily Commuters

The automakers are only focused on technologies, which will charge an electric car while producing longer travels. Some of the new electric vehicles, including the Chevrolet Volt, can already drive at speeds of 40 to 50 mph. However, faster speeds will drain the life of the battery charge faster than driving at lower speeds.

Porsche is working on a new prototype to deliver an electric automobile capable of operating at 80 mph with a longer battery life. The prototype is still a couple of years from production, but it’s clear that the automaker is already developing new technologies. Most commuters travel in cities that don’t require high rate of speeds, which makes it possible to run completely on electricity.

Electric vehicles are developing fast as car manufacturers’ race to complete new production lines for 2010 and 2011. General Motors Corp has put more effort into an all-electric car instead of expanding its hybrid line-up. This is because GM vows that its new Chevrolet Volt will be virtue to the automaker’s survival.

Ford, probably the only stable American automaker, is also advancing in electric technologies. The Ford Fusion is already capable of driving more than 1,400 miles on one tank of gas. The automaker uses a combination of gas and electric battery while providing driving technics to help extend mileage.

Nissan is also working on a new electric car prototype known as the HEV. The company will use a rear-wheel power train that can deliver twice the power as conventional nickel-metal batteries. The new prototype will enter the global market in 2012.

New hybrid cars might be called electric, but they are not total electric vehicle solutions. Most hybrids still use a gasoline engine and will use the battery to run the car if it is parked or in idle. Hybrid cars will also operate the vehicle at lower speeds in an effort to save fuel and extend its mileage.

While faster electric automobile solutions might be two years away, we all can benefit from clean technology. The air quality will be cleaner and our environment will be safer. In addition, we reduce our dependency on foreign oil.

It was less than 100 years ago when the automobile was invented. Within 15 years, gasoline powered cars were common for every household. Just imagine what type of electric vehicles, we will drive in the next 15 years.


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