Honda Hybrid Cars Meet Fuel Economy Demands

Honda is staying true to its tradition by rolling out more hybrid cars next year. The automaker is meeting strong demands for better fuel economy in vehicles of all sizes and shapes.

Honda Hybrids are one of the fastest selling vehicles in the world.
Honda Hybrid cars will meet will meet the demands for better gas mileage and choices in selection. The Honda Hybrid Insight was the fastest selling car in Japan, which changed last month when rival Toyota released its new Prius. The new Honda cars will come in various sizes and shapes.

The Honda Fit is the next roll-out which has been moved ahead of schedule by a year and a half. The hybrid Fit will launch in late 2010. The automaker made the decision to release it earlier than planned to meet the growing demand for lower carbon emissions.

Honda to release a Civic hybrid and fuel cell version that runs on natural gas.

The Honda Civic Hybrid will launch around the same time as the Fit automobile. It will include all the standard features while Honda introduces a new MPG rating. This means the car will be more fuel efficient than before and will produce lower carbon emissions.

Most consumers are more excited about the new Civic hybrid than the Fit. Since the Civic has a long track-record for reliability, it could become Honda’s next big seller. It could become the battle between Insight vs Civic.

You could probably ask any Honda Civic owner, and they will tell you the Civic will beat both the Insight and Fit. There is something special to be said for die-hard Honda owners. They do love and appreciate their automobile, more so than car owners of GM, Ford, and Chrysler.

Honda has several hybrid concepts but has released little information on what cars are in production.

The 2010 hybrids will be an interesting line-up, and there are some new gas-saving technologies to introduce. While some automakers are teetering with bankruptcy, clearly other car manufacturers are still moving forward and not looking back.

Honda is also holding secrets! There are several new hybrid concept models in production, but their lips are sealed. We should know more information in August.

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