Honda Insight Test Drive Far Exceeded Expectations

Honda Insight Town and Highway Test Drive

Test driving the Honda Insight was one of the most enjoyable rides of my life. When you climb into one of these Honda Hybrid cars, you can’t help noticing the detail and comfort, along with that new unique car smell. I kept the vehicle fully charged at home and that’s where I started my journey.

Starting the Insight and leaving the driveway was extremely quiet. You only hear the tires as they grip the pavement during turns. I was running on all electric battery power and this was something new for me.

My first stop was the post office to check my mail. It glided right into the parking lot, and again, I was baffled on how quiet this automobile really is. I also noticed two other Honda Insight vehicles parked as well.

My next journey took me to a local Wendy’s restaurant where I purchased a frosty from the drive-through window. It was nice to actually be heard on the drive-through speaker for once, as there was no car noise during the order. I stepped lightly on the gas pedal and made my way to the window.

The Honda Insight handles very well and the dashboard comes with gauges, which tell you how much electric is available from the Hybrid battery. Other instrument panels inform you of bad driving habits that can waste fuel. I’ve been driving for more than 25 years, and I have never had a vehicle teach me the proper way to save mileage.

Driving the Honda Hybrid in town far exceeded my expectations. I wanted to see how the automobile handles on the highway. I decided to test drive the Insight on Interstate 95, one of the most popular highways in the United States.

As I made my way to the onward ramp, I accelerated a bit, but was still operating from the electric battery. I decided to floor the pedal as I made my way onto the highway. The engine kicked in and the hybrid car took off like a rocket.

The car gave me more than enough speed to make my way onto the highway and into the fast lane. I was impressed as this remarkable Insight vehicle knew I needed the power at the right time. However, the gauges told me that I was wasting fuel when I floored the pedal.

This is a smart car with complete fuel efficiency capability. I switched to the slower lane and lowered my speed from 60 mph to 40 mph. The automobile converted back into its electric mode operation using only the energy from its battery pack.

When I arrived home, I still had enough power to make the journey again, probably three more times. If you haven’t driven the new Honda Insight, it’s worth it. You can test drive this car at your local Honda Dealership.


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