Honda Insight Hybrid Features Projector-Beam 2010 Headlights

Honda Insight Hybrid Features Eye-Catching Headlights and Advanced 2010 Aerodynamics

American Honda Motor Co, Inc designed the 2010 Honda Insight Hybrid to meet an active lifestyle. You can tell that Honda spent a lot of time on the little details which makes the Insight different than other hybrid cars. The design is similar to its FCX Clarity fuel cell vehicle.

insight headlights

Right from the start, the Insight Hybrid has an eye-catching set of headlights. These aren’t just any ordinary lights as they are strong and lean. The projector-beam headlights focus only on areas of the road that need the most lighting.

Insight also has a unique set of LED brake lights which compliment the rear of the hybrid car. The car is equipped with 5 doors, including hatchback, which feature excellent aerodynamics. The rear is a bit taller than most cars and provides a lot of room for storage.

Another part of the design you will notice is the low center of gravity. The space inside the vehicle is much larger with spacious room to seat 5 passengers. Smaller internal components were used in an effort to provide more cabin and cargo space.

As the driver, the Honda Insight looks and feels like an airline cockpit. There are several instrument panels to tell you just about everything about the car, including the Satellite-Linked Navigation System. It is all eye-candy at its best and everything is right there to provide the driver with everything they need to operate the automobile.

One of the nice things about the Honda Insight is the Integrated Motor Assist, also known as the IMA system, which offers better fuel efficiency than other vehicles. In comparison to the Honda Civic, the battery pack was improved by reducing its weight and size. This allowed Honda to reduce the weight of the entire car.

The Insight is powered by a 1.3-liter, 8-valve, i-VTEC 4-cylinder engine and a DC-brushless electric motor. It has the continuously variable transmission (CVT). Another nice feature is the Efficiency Booster, also known as the Eco Assist, which enables fuel efficiency feedback and coaches the driver on how to save fuel.

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