Honda Ranks First In Working Relations

Honda Ranks First Place In Supplier Working Relations

Some interesting news regarding hybrid cars and American Honda Motor Co., Inc, which is coming out from the annual North American OEM, which compiles an annual study for the supplier working relations of the top three Japanese automakers. The compiled study has rated the Honda Hybrid automaker number 1, Toyota is now ranked in second place, and Ford has taken the third spot from Nissan. Toyota originally held the top spot since 2002.

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“We have been tracking supplier relations since 1992, during which time Toyota has been clearly the industry leader in supplier relations,” says John W. Henke, Jr., Ph.D., president and CEO, of Planning Perspectives, whose firm conducts the annual Study.

Honda is the most preferred foreign domestic customer, according to the North American OEM study. The WRI, known as the Working Relations Index, represents the suppliers’ rating of their working relations with each of the six major North American automotive OEMs. The WRI consists of 17 variables comprising five elements that contain the principals of supplier relations.

Honda Hybrids are also getting a lot of attention recently. Honda created the Insight vehicle which has a base MSRP of $19,800 and can achieve more than 43 miles per gallon. Toyota and Honda are competing in the same auto fuel efficiency market.

Honda is also building the new FCX Clarity which is a fuel cell car using Hydrogen as its alternative fuel solution. The Honda Clarity is 20 percent more fuel efficient and could offer up to 74 miles per gallon. Clarity has a power train that is 45 percent more compact.

One of the other popular Honda Hybrids is the Civic. The 2009 Honda Civic is priced at $22,600 and includes a combined MPG Rating of 45 miles per gallon. The hybrids are some of the top rated in the American auto industry.

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