Nissan Hybrid Joins Alliance To Build Nissan Zero Emission Hybrids

The new 2010 Nissan Hybrid cars are part of a new alliance with the Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Tennessee. The laboratory is the nation’s largest energy-research center as it plans to help develop hybrid zero emission Nissan vehicles in 2010.

Nissan Motor Co., Ltd has announced plans to partner with the nation’s largest energy research center to help build zero emission hybrids in 2010. The Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) will play a key role in developing new hybrid technologies. The car maker is working with other partners that also share the belief in future electric vehicles.

“Nissan, through the Renault-Nissan Alliance, has committed to being a global leader in zero-emission vehicles,” Dominique Thormann, senior vice president, administration and finance, Nissan North America, said in a statement. “Nissan in Tennessee is working with partners that share in the belief that the introduction and expansion of electric vehicles is one of the best solutions to reducing CO2 emissions. It’s only through collaborative efforts such as this that we can make zero-emission mobility a reality,” Thormann said.

The first introduction of Nissan zero-emission vehicles will be in 2010 with a mass global market available in 2012. The automaker has been working on a new EV Prototype model which has been part of a coast-to-coast tour. The automobile uses a lithium-ion battery pack and a zero-emission electric motor.

Nissan will be part of the Deparment of Energy’s largest multi-purpose research lab to participate in a hybrid project.

As part of the ORNL, this does separate Nissan from other hybrid car manufacturers. The partnership is a $400 million research lab which develops energy-related projects. The current project is to develop an eco-friendly vehicle that produces zero emissions as well as longer battery life breakthrough technologies.

Nissan Joins Hybrid Electric Car Network

TVA is the nation’s largest public power supplier which is helping to lead the way in research into making a new transportation infrastructure. The power system will be a complete electric car charging network. The infrastructure is made up of solar energy and other natural resources.

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