New Prius Commercial Captures Next-Generation Toyota Hybrid Drivers

Toyota Prius 2010 Hybrid Promotes Harmony – Man, Nature and Machine In New Commercial

I was visiting a Wal-Mart store yesterday to buy some new cables for my laptop, when I noticed the new Prius Hybrid TV ad. My arrival that very second was pure coincidence, but I noticed a group of teenagers pointing to one of the multiple television sets that were on display. Immediately, one teenager said, “Look, the new Insight commercial” and believe it or not, for the 30 second moment, I too thought of the Honda hybrid until it unveiled the real Toyota automobile near the end of the spot.

prius harmony

The Toyota ad comes on with a white hybrid which resembles the Honda Insight. The vehicle was pulling the sun as it made its way on a road surrounded by tall grass, which waved praises to the hybrid car. It fooled us all, it was a TV ad for the new Toyota Prius. Not sure if the automaker intended to show off its product in this way, or if they knew it would attract attention.

Now that Toyota caught the attention of potential next-generation hybrid drivers, I had to listen to their comments. The teenagers were talking in a slang, so I had to be careful during my interpretation, so I tried my best to decode their “cool” choice of words. I could tell that one of them was old enough to drive, but it was amazing to hear how excited they were about a car.

“When I get my permit, that’s what I’m getting,” said one teenager, who trusted a hybrid car because it uses less gasoline, and the fact that teenagers don’t earn a lot of money, unless their parents are willing to pay their bills.

The advertisement captured them for a moment, sending a message of 50 MPG better fuel efficiency, and a car that was completely eco-friendly. The Toyota Prius might be a third-generation automobile, but the next-generation of drivers responded fast. It was brilliant.


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