Toyota Tundra Hybrid Information

Information – New Toyota Tundra Hybrid Pickup Truck

Toyota original announced that they would be offering Toyota Tundra Hybrid truck in the very near future. However, we have not received many other details. I am very excited to see when this will be happening. I absolutely love my Toyota Tundra, and I cannot wait for the fuel efficient version to be released.

Recent rumors suggests that Toyota’s first hybrid truck will not be a Tundra. The new Tundra model will be delayed until at least 2013 or 2014. Instead, it will be more likely that Toyota will be releasing something compatible to the A-BAT concept. However, the upcoming Tundra makeover is simply a fuel-efficient upgrade of the conventional pickup.

It seems as though Toyota is primarily interested in developing the Tundra as a lithium-powered vehicle. The delay in the release is due to the delay of the lithium batteries. This delay will be at least one or two years. The battle for fuel-efficient truck dominance is going to shape up to be a good one with both GM and Chrysler bring dual mode fuel economy pickups to market, while Toyota will not be far behind.

While Toyota offers an electric motor which is good for low end torque, such as used in pulling a tree stump, it does not offer many benefits if pulling a camper or trailer. Hence, the new model wouldn’t help increase fuel efficiency when pulling a trailer, unlike GM’s dual mode, such as the Silverado.

If Toyota cannot resolve this issue, I am sure that they will still offer a href=”″>hybrid version of the Tundra for those who don’t need to use the truck for long-haul towing. I’m sure not all the prospective Tundra buyers will be towing trailers or campers. I know I would still be interested in the Tundra without the towing package. I have the towing package on my Tundra now, and I have only used it once in five years.

The Toyota Tundra will feature a hybrid system and the 4.7L V8 engine that combined will put out 400 horsepower, gobs of torque and manage to achieve 20 mpg in the city and 25 mpg on the highway. Many indications show that the Tundra was designed to be as lightweight as possible, even if the expense was greater. A coating that was more expensive was used on all the wiring and aluminum is used in many places on the vehicle, where steel could have been used.

The grill is slightly modified. The tail lights have a slightly different look. However, there is not too much of a change. Not much difference.

Interior changes: The dash board for the prototype layout is the same, yet we hope that Toyota will consider implementing the black face gauges in more than just the Tundra truck base model. They make it much easier to read.

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