Intel Develops New 32 nanometer Chip

Intel has developed a new 32 nanometer chip for desktop PCs, laptop computers, and servers. The chip maker plans to launch the new microprocessor in 2009.

Intel Corp said Wednesday it has finished the development step of a new 32 nanometer chip. The chip vows to be more energy-efficient with higher performance than its current generation of microprocessors.

Technical specifications on the new 32nm will be put on display at the International Electron Devices meeting (IEDM) next week in San Francisco.

“Our manufacturing prowess and resulting products have helped us widen our lead in computing performance and battery life for Intel-based laptops, servers and desktops,” Mark Bohr, Intel Senior Fellow and director of process architecture and integration, said in a statement.

The technology company is aiming to produce new micro architecture each year. Intel is on track to deliver the new chip which is a production unmatched in the industry.

“As we’ve shown this year, the manufacturing strategy and execution have also given us the ability to create entirely new product lines for MIDs, CE equipment, embedded computers and netbooks,” Bohr said.

Intel plans to ship the new 32nm microprocessor next year. It will mark the fourth consecutive year which Intel has met its objective.

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