Intel 160GB SSD Gets Under Way

Intel is the latest company to deploy solid state drives this year. Computer manufactures are simply doing away with the traditional mechanical hard drives by using SSDs instead.

The arrival of the of Solid State Drives may replace traditional hard drives soon as Intel Corp rolls out its new 160GB Solid State Drive. The new SSDs are becoming more popular among laptops and notebooks.

“Unlike traditional hard disk drives, Intel solid-state drives have no moving parts, resulting in a quiet, cool, highly rugged storage solution that also offers faster system responsiveness,” Intel said in a statement.

SSDs are perfect storage solutions for smaller computers such as notebooks because of their size and the ability to outperform mechanical hard drives. For example, Toshiba Corp released its new 512GB SSD as a primary storage device for its laptops. Intel’s new SSDs are the 2.5 inch 160GB and the 1.8 inch for ultra portable laptops.

Intel says that its SATA SSDs are faster due to the faster read and write performances. The company also says that SSDs last longer than traditional hard drives.

“These drives also feature low write amplification and a unique wear-leveling design for higher reliability, meaning Intel drives not only perform better – they last longer,” Intel said.

The likelihood that these new SSDs will replace hard drives is already here. The technology giants in the industry are all making their own Solid State Drives. The question is, are consumers ready for the switch? If it comes down to pricing, the SSDs are cheaper and provide better design as a storage device.

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