Apple Releases iPhone Firmware Version 2.2 Beta 1

Apple Inc has released its latest iPhone firmware to developers for testing. The new firmware also includes the latest build for the iPhone SDK. Steve Jobs noted that the release was two weeks late.

Apple Inc has released iPhone Firmware version 2.2 Beta 1. The new firmware also includes the latest iPhone SDK build 9M2611. The release does not include further implementation of background push notifications that the company promised.

The release notes of the new firmware say compatibility tests. Beyond that, there are no other differences noted by Apple. Some developers feel that the release is for something upcoming.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs noted that the release was late. “We want to get it 100% right the first time,” he said.

Meanwhile, Apple has ordered developers to obey its non-disclosure agreement if their software is rejected by the App Store. The company said there are many reasons for rejection.
Potential iPhone App developers must already sign a non-disclosure agreement that prevents them from discussing tips on developing applications or sharing code with one another. That now appears to have been extended to the new non-disclosure agreement.

The recent move has sparked developer interests in Google’s Android mobile phone platform. Developers can create and publish any apps on Google’s Android marketplace.

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