Apple iphone 3g To Sell For $99 At Wal-mart And Sam’s Club

Apple iphone 3g To Sell For $99 At Wal-mart And Sam's Club

There is buzz on the Web that Apple will be discounting its iPhone 3G at Wal-mart for $99. The unconfirmed report suggests that the discounted iPhone touch screen will come with a two-year contract.

Apple Inc is in the middle of a new rumor. There are unconfirmed reports that a version of its iPhone 3G will sell for $99 at Wal-Mart stores beginning December 28, 2008.

We don’t usually report rumors, but this story was a bit interesting. People have read these reports on the Web and truly believe the story. Even though retail sales are hurting and stores are relying on the holiday season to survive.

The alleged version of the iPhone 3G will go for $99 with a two-year contract. The sale begins December 28, 2008. Why would the sale happen three days after one of the largest holidays of the year? It would seem more beneficial to sell a slim-down version of the iPhone before Christmas.

Apple currently offers two iPhone 3G products. The 8GB which sells for $199, and the 16GB which retails for $299. If Apple was going to sell one of these smart phones for $99, which one would it be? Would it be the $199 one?

Let’s assume that it is the $199 phone. This means that Apple would cut $100 off the price tag of one of its most popular product lines. That would mean 50 percent off. A product line that is already doing quite well at the moment.

I am no business man, but why interrupt a business model if its already working? This rumor just seems fishy. It could be one another crazy rumor started from some desperate blogger hoping to gain attention and Web traffic by making up this story.

If for some reason we do see an Apple iPhone at Wal-mart for $99 on December 28, I’ll buy two of them. I’ll even give the extra phone to one of our Web site visitors.

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