Apple iPhone’s New Kings Button Costs $2.5 Million For Cosmetic Makeover

The Apple iPhone is now available in a custom makeover edition for more than $2 million. The cosmetic detail was designed by an Austrian jeweler with diamonds and gold.

Apple Inc’s iPhone comes with a variety of standard colors, but mobile users can show off a new Kings Button which is decorated in diamonds and gold. This unique feature serves as the home button on the smartphone. Now you can dazzle all your friends with the gleaming $2.5 million cosmetic design.

Austrian jeweler Peter Aloisson is serious about the creation of the new “Kings Button” which is the world’s most expensive Apple iPhone 3G. The iPhone button has a 6.6 carat diamond and the iPhone case was dipped in 18-carat gold. Portions of the gold are white and rose. The white gold embraces the edges on the iPhone device and contains 138 diamonds.

At first glance, it is eye-catching and the detailed work that went into this Apple iPhone 3G was done well. Smart phone users can show off their new device while shopping, going to the movies, or when eating at a restaurant. Mobile users strive to be different, and this is one elegant way to be unique.

Apple iPhone owners will appreciate the new Kings Button feel when making calls or surfing the Web.

Apple iPhone users are special, and the Kings Button reminds them on how special they really are to be a smart phone user. Each time you grip the device to make a call or surf the Web, you can feel and appreciate the 138 diamonds which snuggle around your fingers. Pressing the Kings Button is only for the privileged and not for your mobile friends.

The new iPhone makeover edition is available for anyone willing to pay $2.5 million.

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