Israel iPad Ban

Israel iPad ban for the Apple wireless computer device has been lifted. Officials said the Wi-Fi tablet was causing interference with other communications equipment. The wireless signal was 40 times stronger than the legal limit.

“After verification, we found that the iPad operates on a constant signal to the standards required,” communications ministry spokesman Yechiel Shavi said in a statement.

Touch Screen Confiscated Gadgets Returned

iPad Wi-Fi computer tablets that were confiscated have been returned to their owners. The touch screen gadget is so far only on sale in the United States because federal regulations allow a stronger wireless signal. In fact, the strength is more powerful than the European standard.

Apple announced earlier this month that the wireless computer device would only be available in the United States. The tablet computer manufacturer will begin international sales at the end of May. There’s not much known if the company will weaken the Wi-Fi signal to meet communication standards in Europe.

Technology Team Tested Frequencies

Wireless tests were conducted on several communication frequencies. A technical team determined the device could be operated in Israel according to locally followed standards. The tests proved the tablet identifies the Wi-Fi access point in its surroundings and adjusts itself automatically.

The results from tests proved that the computer can be operated without interfering with other wireless devices. This is when the ministry ordered the release of 20 tablet computers that had been confiscated. The touch screen gadgets were originally forbidden immediately after Apple’s launch.

Notebook iPod Functions

Israeli standards mirror those of many European nations, but Israel has been the only country to prohibition the import. The gadget combines the features of a notebook computer with the touch-pad functions of the iPod. The ban prompted criticism from Israeli technology enthusiasts and software developers.

The country is widely considered to be a technology powerhouse. The Communications Ministry reached out to Apple to seek more information about the machine’s wireless signals. Apple was very responsive and provided great assistance, according to the ministry.

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