Johnny Weir Rejected For Stars On Ice Prompts Outcry

Stars on Ice rejected Johnny Weir, a three-time US skating champion, from the 2010 tour over reasons for not being “family friendly” enough.

Johnny Weir has been rejected from this year’s Stars on Ice tour. He was told that he wasn’t “family friendly” enough to participate. It was the only reason that the organization gave when they dismissed him.

johnny weir rejected

“I’m not going to get on the ice and strip down naked and roll around,” he said in a statement.

Weir is a three-time US skating champion. He says he does not understand why he was not included in the tour. The Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Discrimination (GLAAD) launched a protest against the Stars on Ice tour. The skater is known for his flamboyant costumes and drama.

“The reaction I got was that I wasn’t family friendly enough and that came, allegedly, from the sponsors,” Weir said in a statement.

In addition, he said that the organization has totally ignored approaches from his agent over the course of many years. However, the tour, as well as its biggest sponsor, Smucker’s, said GLAAD has “inaccurate information”. They said they just didn’t have the room.

During the 2010 Winter Games, Weir wore a crown of roses and controversial outfits. However, he didn’t lead on to anyone his sexual preference. Support for Weir shot through the roof on Twitter and Facebook once the news broke that he was dismissed by the organization.

Prior to the 2010 Olympic Games, Weir earned some negative publicity when he was criticized by animal rights groups for using real fur in his costumes. The skater has allegedly received hate mail after the news became public. During the Olympic Games, Weir had to face homophobic rhetoric from Australian Channel Nine and Canadian broadcasters who discussed his masculinity and suggested he should take a gender test.

The skater is a frequent guest on different shows. A TV series titled “Be Good Johnny Weir” about Weir’s day-to-day life premiered in January. He also models and wants a degree in fashion and has a small South Korean fashion line called “Be Unique.”

Figure Skating Show Started In 1986

Stars on Ice is a touring figure skating show produced by IMG. It was originally conceived in 1986 as a vehicle for IMG client Scott Hamilton, who had been released from his contract with Ice Capades, after being told that male skaters do not sell tickets. Hamilton now has retired from regular touring with the show, but remains actively involved as a producer.

The figure skating show was originally conceived as an ice show for adults. Another concept that has carried through the show from the beginning is that of a small cast of elite skaters who perform together in ensembles as well as solo numbers. In 1991, Canadian Stars On Ice, began.

The tour started on a shoestring budget, playing only a few dates in small-town arenas. In 1992, IMG bought out the rival “Skating” tour from Bill Graham Presents and merged its resources with that of Stars on Ice. Among the acquisitions from the “Skating” tour was Sandra Bezic, who took over as choreographer and director.

2010 Tour Marks 24 Years

In recent years, Christopher Dean has taken over choreography duties for the show. Stars on Ice primarily tours in the United States and Canada, although shows have also been staged in locations in Europe and Japan. The 2010 tour will be its 24th season.

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