Kate Gosselin Diva And Queen Bee Reheasals

Reports unveil Kate Gosselin diva rumors on the set of Dancing With The Stars. The mother of eight hits back.
Kate Gosselin diva reports are scattered everywhere. Apparently, there is a rumor going around that she’s being a diva on the set of “Dancing With The Stars.” According to the mother of eight, she’s only met everyone once so far during rehearsals.

“I was out [in L.A.] once for five days and met everyone and had a great time,” she said. “It’s no different than what I’ve been facing for the past year.”

Gosselin, 34, also said that she’s just a normal mom. However, there are numerous reports about her hair and how great it looks. There really hasn’t been much negative publicity about Kate during the past couple of months.

The reports and rumors started when the New York Post wrote an article about Gosselin. According to their sources, she doesn’t want anything to do with other contestants. One source claims that she has set herself apart and wants to be Queen Bee.

Ex-husband Jon Gosselin is taking care of the kids while she is away. She said doing the show and being a mother is a delicate balance. Kate is usually dancing before they’re up in the morning or at school.

Family Reality Show Achieves National Recognition

Kate Gosselin achieved national recognition as a star on the reality show “Jon & Kate Plus 8.” The show profiles her and ex-husband Jon Gosselin. They are raising their family of sextuplets and twins.

The family was featured in a special on Discovery Health in September 2005 entitled “Surviving Sextuplets and Twins.” A year later they were featured in another special entitled “Sextuplets and Twins: One Year Later.” With high ratings from the specials, Discovery Health signed the couple to a series that aired beginning in April 2007.

The family is filmed for three or four days per week. The family receives payment for appearing on the show. On June 22, 2009, an extended 1-hour episode was aired.

During the extended episode, Jon and Kate publicly announced that they were separating. The day that the episode aired, the two met with Pennsylvania attorneys to finalize plans of divorce rather than separation. They both feel that the show must go on despite their differences.

However, TLC announced on June 23, 2009 that the show will be placed on hiatus effective immediately. According to TLC, Jon and Kate have moved the focus away from the family. In addition, the production difficulties that have occurred due to the couple not living together make it unclear whether the show is still viable.

On September 29th, 2009 TLC announced the title of the show will change from “Jon & Kate Plus 8” to just “Kate Plus 8,” and will follow Kate as a single mother. Jon will continue to appear on the show. The last episode was a season five finale on November 23, 2009 due to Jon’s decision to stop filming.

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