Kirstie Alley Son Engaged

Kirstie Alley son, 17-year-old William True, is engaged to be married. The Cheers actress also wants the paparazzi deported.

Kirstie Alley son, William, is 17-years-old. The “Cheers” actress confirmed that he is engaged. She confirmed the news during a recent taping of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show.”

“I feel good because they’re really in love. True’s very… he’s got a level head. He’s a good guy,” she said on the show. “He’s very monogamous and he’s very sweet with her.”

Alley, 59, said that William has been dating his girlfriend for about a year. She is also fine with their plans to get married. Kirstie was 19-years-old when she first got married.

She admits that her first marriage didn’t work out. However, Kirstie also believes that waiting to tie the knot doesn’t guarantee a successful marriage either. She told Ellen that she is an expert on the subject.

Stalked For Being Fat

Kirstie Alley has revealed that Elizabeth Taylor helped her put her life into perspective. She bonded with Taylor because they’ve both been “stalked” for “being fat.” For example, the paparazzi is always out to photograph Alley eating an ice cream or other fatty foods.

“Elizabeth Taylor helped me put things in perspective. She taught me to enjoy the craziness — and, more important, to laugh at it.”

Watch Out Paparazzi

Kirstie Alley is investigating photographers. If you’re a paparazzi, chances are, she’s investigating your immigration status. She wants any illegal immigrants, with a camera, deported immediately.

Recent immigration records reveal that many of the Los Angeles photographers are from Mexico and Central America. However, she’s only doing the investigation on people she dislikes. If you’re on her list, and are here illegally, watch out for Detective Alley.

Weight Loss Diet Program Under Controversy

Kirstie Alley & diet weight loss program is under controversy. There are some reports that suggest money raised through her company is funding Scientology teachings. However, the actress insists that the allegations are not true.

The former Jenny Craig spokeswoman recently launched Organic Liaison LLC after years of battling her size under the glare of the spotlight. Members pay between $10 and $149 per month to follow the regime, which combines an organic food diet with vitamins and supplements. In fact, the weight loss and diet program has worked for many.

However, recent reports suggest that the company is channeling money directly into the church. The controversy started when links were discovered between the Organic Liaison and Scientology. The firm’s accountant, Saul B Lipson, is a known Scientologist whose company is approved by the church and based near its headquarters in Clearwater, Florida.

Overweight Actress And Advocate Against Obesity

In 2005, Kirstie Alley’s weight increased to more than 200 pounds. As a result, she headlined a documentary style comedy series for Showtime called “Fat Actress.” Alley played herself in the show, which details the daily life of an overweight actress trying to make it in Hollywood.

She has become an advocate against obesity and was a spokeswoman for the Jenny Craig weight-loss program. In 2006, she lost a total of 75 pounds and made an appearance on “The Oprah Winfrey Show.” She appeared in a semi-bikini outfit, with a fabric midriff and several yards of translucent chiffon to hide her back-view.

In early February 2007, Alley launched Organic Liaison, LLC. It is the first USDA certified organic weight loss product. She has lost 20 pounds since starting the program.

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