Bass Barbie Pole: Rodeo Girl Named Avery Surprised After Large Bass Lands On Fishing Rod With Dad – See Video

A little bass barbie pole catches a big fish. The girl, named Avery, was outfitted with a Barbie fishing pole in rain boots, a life jacket and a bright red bow on top of her head as she wielded a small fishing rod like a champ on her dad’s boat, according to The Huffington Post. She was surprised when a bass was at the end of her fishing rod.

Though little Avery asked her dad for help reeling in the Barbie line, he encouraged her to just keep going by herself to catch the bass.

“It’s so heavy. I caught a fish,” the little girl said, straining with the pole.

Rodeo Girl Named Avery Surprised
Bass Barbie pole used by Avery

And then, after a few more turns of the reel, the fish came into sight on the bass Barbie pole.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!” she shouted, the father-daughter pair eventually dissolving into laughter in their excitement over the fish.

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh,” The girl’s dad said as he grabbed the fish by the mouth. “Avery, this thing is 20 inches.”

“What do you think? Avery, what do you think?” he asked as she examined her fish, which the video description said was a 5-pound bass.

“Yes, I got one! Finally!” she jumped.

Watch the bass Barbie pole video in which she “crushes [the] huge bass”: