​Bloodhound Finds Boy: Police Bloodhound Locates Lost Child In Florida Woods

Bloodhound Finds Boy
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December 29, 2021

A bloodhound finds a boy who was lost in the Florida woods in Seminole County. Deputies were called to a home in Sanford after Vincentio, who has special needs and doesn’t understand fear, went missing, according to Examiner. The bloodhound is praised for tracking the lost child, said Vincentio’s mother, Stephanie Spears.

“Apparently he just walked straight back into the woods, into the trees … That really started to concern us, back in the woods, ’cause there are lakes and ditches and snakes, all kinds of dangerous things that he has no fear of.”

The Sheriff’s Office helicopter and the bloodhound, named Amber, were both dispatched. The bloodhound tracked more than a mile through the dense woods and found Vincentio. Deputy John Locklin said the bloodhound is being praised for tracking the lost child and may have saved the boy’s life.

“It’s really neat that we can go out and protect and serve, and find lost little children. It’s an awesome job and I get to do it.”

The “bloodhound finds boy” story has since gone viral, and pet lovers on the social media networks have praised the god for its work. Spears said that her son thought it was cool to ride on a four wheeler with deputies, according to WYFF 4. She also said that he loves fire trucks.

The bloodhound is 2 1/2 years old and recently completed her tracking training. Deputies say Vincentio got his own fire helmet, some Sheriff’s Office stickers, a plastic badge and a safe return. His mother said it was the best gift ever.

In a similar story reported earlier this year, a bloodhound finds a boy in Utah, thanks to a dog named Cooper. Rollin Bailey, 6, was trapped in a manhole when he was found. The boy was flying a kite in his year when he tripped and fell backward into the 10-foot manhole.

Police say he was knocked out in the fall, and when he awoke, he started screaming for help. Unfortunately, he couldn’t be heard, and police were called when he didn’t return home. Their search party included a bloodhound named Copper, who found Bailey in just 20 minutes. That bloodhound is also being praised for tracking the lost child.

A police officer climbed into the hole to help Bailey, who was then taken to the hospital to be treated for a broken arm and a mild concussion. He’d been in the hole for about two hours, according to Vet Street. He and his family made it a priority to personally thank Copper. Bailey said he was scared, but is glad that the incident is over.

The bloodhound is a large scent hound originally bred for hunting deer and wild boar, but also used from the Middle Ages onwards for tracking human beings, and now most often bred specifically for that purpose. Thought to be descended from hounds once kept at the Abbey of St Hubert in Belgium, it is known to French speakers as the Chien de Saint-Hubert. This dog is famed for its ability to discern human odors even days later, over great distances, even across water.

Its extraordinarily keen sense of smell is combined with a strong and tenacious tracking instinct, producing the ideal scent hound, and it is used by police and law enforcement all over the world to track escaped prisoners, missing people, lost children and lost pets.

In another story, a bloodhound finds a boy who had been missing in Fullerton, California for several hours. Ultimately, the 10-year-old boy had been found hiding outside his house. This proves that you can’t escape a police dog.

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