​Chandler Parsons Party Bus: Rockets Forward Impresses Girl For Prom​​

June 4, 2021

Chandler Parsons had to skip out on attending the prom of one of his fans, but he still managed to pull together a party bus to make the young girl’s day and to impress her friends.

Chandler Parsons Party Bus

The bus was sent to a girl named Stephanie Flores, who appears to be a huge Houston sports fan, because she asked the NBA player on May 20 if he would go to her prom.

“@ChandlerParsons pleaseeee make my life and escort me to my prom on May 31st!!! A simple response would make up for it. I am a huge fan!!!,” she tweeted. Soon after, Flores enlisted her friends to bombard Parsons with tweets on her behalf to ensure he would see the prom request. It took 15 of her friends to finally get a response back.

“Thanks for the invite @steph_marie03. Unfortunately I’m not in Houston. I hope you have a great time!! Be safe,” Parsons wrote.

Since Parsons had already done well by responding to his fan, he could have left things as is and still been ahead of the game. But he decided to go the extra mile to make Flores’ prom special.

A Rockets employee contacted Flores to get her information, and Parsons ordered a party bus for her and her friends.