​Christian Roe and Olivia Kean Found: Teens Christian and Olivia Picked Up By Jacksonville Police

Author: Kara GilmourBy:
Staff Reporter
Nov, 15, 2014 | 10:14 AM

Christian Roe and Olivia Kean found alive in Jacksonville, Florida, after one of the parents received a phone call nearly a month after they disappeared.

Christian’s family left Auburn for Jacksonville to pick him up, according to The Spreadit. The 15-year-old had said at the time he was no longer with Olivia, 14 of Midland, but authorities and his parents discovered that they still were together. Christian’s mother, Kari Roe-LaFramboise, said the situation was crazy.

“We were walking up and down every road downtown, handing out flyers to every single person. People kept telling us where to go and they were about two blocks from us.”

As Christian Roe and Olivia Kean are found alive, the first sign of good news happened when Christian called his dad’s cellphone and said he was with police. After a couple of hours, the police released him into his parents’ care. The parents kept searching the area for Olivia, eventually spotting her walking. She was taken into police custody

Bay County Undersheriff Troy Cunningham said he didn’t know if any criminal charges were forthcoming.

Christian Roe and Olivia Kean disappeared Wednesday, Oct. 15. Police have said they took Olivia’s family’s 2002 Dodge Ram pickup truck with Michigan license plate number WLP50. Roe-LaFramboise said that Christian and Olivia were living out of the truck in Florida for about three weeks. Olivia had been on probation prior to her disappearance and severed an electronic tether before leaving, police have said.

Christian Roe’s mother, her husband and his father, Jay Roe, got in a car and began the long drive to Florida shortly after the call. The three plan on meeting Christian at a Jacksonville bank. For his mother, it will be the end of a long and harrowing ordeal, according to the Daily Mail.

“No words are able to describe how horrible it’s been … To go from not being able to eat, breathe, or sleep, to being so sick over what could be happening, to being so mad you want to scream.”

While Christian Roe and Olivia Kean were found, authorities were hoping that once one of the teens was back with his parents, he would be able to tell them where they can find the other. Neither of the teens were old enough to drive, and it is still uncertain how they were able to provide for themselves with no help for this long. Olivia Kean’s mother, Katrina, made an open plea to her daughter before she was found.

“We can get through this together … Sometimes, things seem worse than the they really are. Even less will happen if she decides on her own to come home. The whole town will celebrate your coming home safely and we all will finally breathe a sigh of relief.”

Katrina has also mentioned on a Facebook page she started in hopes of locating Olivia Kean. She said her daughter has a serious medical condition that requires attention. Similar to all runaways, this one wasn’t too well planned.

However, with Christian Roe and Olivia Kean being found alive, it’s a big relief for both parents who suffered during this incident, notes MLive. It would seem that Christian did not plan to runaway as he left with just the clothes he was wearing, while the other teen did pack some of her possessions. It is still not known what motivated the two to drive over 1,000 miles and leave their families.

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