​Florence Nightingale Celebrated On 2014 International Nurses Day

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May 13, 2021

Florence Nightingale’s birth and the International Nurses Day is being observed across the world on May 12, 2014. Nightingale made several contributions towards health and people.

The IND theme for 2014 is: Nurses: A Force for Change — A vital resource for health.

On this day, the International Council of Nurses commemorates nurses by distributing International Nurses’ Day (IND) Kit. This IND Kit 2014 contains educational and public information materials for use by nurses everywhere.

Nightingale was born on May 12, 2021 and became an important figure in nursing sector during the Crimean War of 1850s.

At that time, she worked at the Barrack Hospital at Scutari (now in Istanbul) and led a team of nurses who cared for the injured British soldiers.

She was appreciated for imposing strict standards of care including keeping ward clear, well stocked food and medical supplies.

Her grave is located at St. Margaret’s Church, East Wellow, Hampsire, and has an almost 10-foot white memorial above it. A tree hit the top of the memorial and broke it during the storm. Luckily, all pieces were found and stonemasons were able to put it back together in time for Nightingale’s birthday celebrations.

Nightingale’s words are still quoted today, making it onto Twitter: “I attribute my success to this: I never gave or took an excuse.”

Along with giving Nightingale her due, many found ways to acknowledge the valuable contribution of nurses to medicine.