​Garage Sale Mistakes -Tips​​

August 16, 2021 | 9:21 am

A list of the biggest garage sale mistakes. We have a few tips on what mistakes not to make when you plan your yard sale. Although you won’t make big money from your collectibles sitting in your garage, you can sell them.

Book Prices for Everything - Go through the price and value guides and price your stuff accordingly. After all, if it has a $100 price in a book, that’s what you’ll settle for. Wrong strategy, because this is biggest problem of all garage sale mistakes.

Book values are not asking prices and no one coming will pay those prices or even close to it. If your item is in excellent condition and worth more than a few dollars, try selling the item online. But still don’t expect book values.

No Prices on Anything - Size up the customers as they come in and charge them what you think they can afford to pay or what you feel like charging at the time. This is a terrible strategy and one of the biggest mistakes.

If nothing is marked, some people will turn around and leave. It has to be something pretty darn special for anyone to bother asking the prices on everything. Make tables or fill boxes where everything is the same price. Turn it into the bargain hunters dream!

Should you wash anything? People are looking for a bargain, so they can buy as-is. However, these items are more attractive when they are dusted and washed.

Don’t you love a scavenger hunt? That’s what it is when an address on the sign is too small to read from a car, written with a pen instead of a marker. Use big bold letters for your sign. Some office supply stores sell pre-made signs for just a couple dollars.