Great Dane Cuddles Baby Photo ‘Tuggles Hearts’ Of Dog Lovers

A Great Dane video has gone viral after it cuddles up with a baby boy, making it one of the most watched on Christmas Day, and grabbing the hearts of animal lovers around the world.

Great Dane Cuddles Baby Boy

What’s surprising is that the dog not only cuddled with the child, but it seemed to have a direct connection to its newfound pal.

The YouTube video has nearly 400,000 views as of today.

The beginning of the video shows the Great Dane resting on a blanket while two people keep watch from a nearby sofa. On his stomach near the large dog is an infant boy, who appears not to be old enough for his first steps yet.

The large dog then cuddles with the boy from the start. Using its keen sense of smell, it must have picked up on that all-familiar smell all babies seem to have. You know; it’s the smell that wafts around their bubbly cheeks and soft necks that makes you want to melt.

For the dog, it must have been amplified times 20 or so, as evidenced from its preoccupation with sniffing the child.

At times, the dog assumes its resting position, but constantly returns to bury its large nostrils underneath the baby’s chest. It’s adorable on so many levels.

There have been other Great Dane videos with children, but this one went got the most attention.

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