​Holly Jacobs Revenge Porn Victim Changes Identification​​

By: | 05/04/2021 09:48 PM ET

Holly Jacobs is speaking out about her years of abuse online form “revenge porn” as she alleges that an ex-boyfriend posted intimate pictures of her on the Internet without her consent.

Holly Jacobs Revenge

The 29-year-old Florida PhD student said she is “tired of hiding” and was horrified to see nude images of her popping up on the internet following a breakup with her ex, Ryan Seay.

After years of shame and struggle, the Miami-Dade resident has spoken out about her ordeal to the New York Observer’s BetaBeat blog, saying that she has dropped her first tainted identity and is moving on with her life.

Jacobs, whose birth name was Holli Thometz, began dating Seay in 2006. During their relationship, she sent him intimate photos and videos.

“We shared photos to keep the intimacy alive,” she told the Miami New Times. “I completely trusted him with this material.”

She alleges that after their breakup some years later, Seay violently betrayed her trust by distributing nude photos and video of her around the web - without her consent.

The practice, known as “revenge porn,” has become hugely problematic in the past few years, as legislation to protect victims for the most part does not exist.

Only one state — New Jersey — has a revenge porn law. The ruling was passed following the bullying and subsequent suicide of Rutgers student Tyler Clemente, who jumped to his death from the George Washington Bridge after his roommate posted inappropriate video of him and another man.

The images of Jacobs went viral, and every attempt to remove them proved futile, as dozens of sites would pick up a photo or video just after she had scrubbed another site clean from the “revenge porn” movement.