​How To Translate Guy Speak?​​

September 19, 2021

How To Translate Guy Speak. How to translate your guy when he goes to speak with you can be complicated. Dealing with two different species is enough, but trying to communicate with two different sexes with a bigger challenge.

We all know the saying “women are from Venus and men are from Mars,” and sometimes the codes men and women speak in makes us feel like we’re from two completely different planets.

There’s no denying men and women speak totally different languages, but with this helpful cheat sheet, you can decode some common “guyisms” to know exactly what he means.

He says: “I’ll call you”
He means: “I may call you” (if he’s into you, that is)

He says: “I’ve been busy lately.”
He means: “I’ve lost interest in you” or if you’ve been dating six months or longer he means, “I like you, but I need to focus on other things.”

He says: “I need some space.”
He means: “We’re moving way too fast.”

He says: “I love being with you.”
He means: “I love you…I think.”

He says: “I don’t believe in marriage.”
He means: “I’m not going to marry you.

There are other words to translate when a guy speaks to you. In most cases, he doesn’t even know that he’s sending these code signals. It’s just a fact of nature between men and women.