​Jeremy The Koala Recovers From Paw Burn Injuries

Author: Kara GilmourBy:
Staff Reporter
Feb. 2, 2015

Millions of people have been following Jeremy The Koala after the animal suffered from a bushfire in Australia. He was named after the firefighter who rescued him. But the good news is he has finally found a safe home.

Jeremy is in the care of the Australian Marine Wildlife Research & Rescue Organization, which took him in earlier this week and proceeded to give his paws a much-needed soothing soak.

Firefighters found the 2 to 3-year-old koala at the base of a tree in southern Australia on Tuesday. The animal was suffering from second-degree burns to his paws after a fire swept through the area, ultimately burning more than 30,000 acres and damaging 38 homes, reports Australia’s Fairfax Media.

Though he has a long road to recovery ahead of him, AMWRRO says Jeremy “is doing very well and is in great spirits.”

On Wednesday, the International Fund for Animal Welfare, which is also helping provide for burned koalas, put out a call for volunteers to knit mittens, which could be used as paw protectors for the injured animals. Within one day, volunteers had pledged more than 500 mittens.

Paracombe CFS volunteer Jeremy Sparrow rescued the young koala in the days after the bushfire raged through the Adelaide Hills.

“He was sitting there, just looking at me and needed some help,” he said. His name-sake, Jeremy the koala, put up little protest when Mr Sparrow wrapped him in a towel and took him back to the unit’s fire truck. “I think he knew that help was on the way,” Mr Sparrow said.

Jeremy’s paws were soaked, treated and bandaged for several weeks, at an estimated cost of more than $6,000 to the organization. After several weeks of rehabilitation, Jeremy was placed with wildlife carer Kim Thompson near his original rescue location. “He’s been climbing his tree and staying in his tree all night, which is absolutely great,” Machado said.

Sparrow was almost speechless as the koala sprung from his carry case and bounded up the closest gum tree, notes The Inquisitr. “It was a good feeling to see him race up that tree, quite happy and contented and I think he was voicing his approval,” he said. Sparrow said he and his partner carried out wildlife rescues during the Sampson Flat bushfires.

“I’ve lost count of the amount of good ones compared to the amount of bad ones,” he said. “There’s been an awful lot [of injured animals] that we have had to put down.” In this case, Jeremy’s life was saved.

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