​Kate Upton Golf Digest Cover With Arnold Palmer​​

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October 30, 2021

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Kate Upton Golf Digest - In the upcoming December issue of Golf Digest magazine, Kate Upton is leaving against Arnold Palmer on the glossy cover, wearing an orange polo dress, which is far different than most of her other photos.

Kate Upton Golf Digest

An editorial inside the magazine shows her getting a golf lesson from Palmer, 84, who explains that “the way she waggled the club was very easy and natural.” He writes that she may be new to the sport but she is “going to be a very good golfer” because she’s “strong, flexible and coordinated.” There are many words that compliment the blonde bombshell.

“I’ve never met a really good player who didn’t have eagle eyes. They notice everything around them.” It was announced in late September that Upton would be appearing in Golf Digest - the same month she appeared on the 100th anniversary edition of Vanity Fair - however it was not known in what capacity.

Wearing a dotted Fred Perry sweater, shorts and athletic sneakers the five-foot-ten-inch model cheekily advises her golfing partner on his technique.

After missing the hole twice, she tells him to relax his wrists.

Palmer is reported to have held up a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue with her on the cover and said: “Did you see this? She’s coming here. Did you know that?”

After her golf lesson, which took place in March at Palmer’s 270-acre golf club in Orlando, Florida, Upton posted a picture to Twitter of her standing next to him.

“Had an amazing golf lesson today,” she wrote.

In 2000, Palmer was ranked the sixth greatest player of all time by Golf Digest.

He made $1,861,857 in 734 career tournaments and made millions more off the course through various business ventures.

His fans, known as Arnie’s Army, refer to him as “The King” and he even has a lemonade and ice tea beverage named after him.