​Last Minute Valentine Gift Ideas For Your Special One

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Aug, 10, 2014 | 2:07 PM

Here are some last minute Valentine gift ideas, just in case Feb. 14 slipped your mind. We understand how busy your life can be, but your spouse takes Valentine’s Day very seriously.

Since it is too late to order online and you probably don’t have enough time left to make something yourself, you can take advantage of the great Valentine’s Day displays in most every store in town. Grocery stores, drug stores, and department stores generally still have large inventories available of traditional Valentine’s Day gifts.

Bottom line, though — what your spouse would really like is not something you can buy — but something you can write. A love letter.

You should be able to find a romantic CD that includes the song that the two of you consider your special song. Or you can download a playlist of meaningful songs to the gadget that he/she listens to music on the most.

A romantic movie is good for cuddling and snuggling. You can download a movie to your television or go to a movie theater. Just stay away from the Rambo type of movies for Valentine’s Day.

Try to locate a candle with your spouse’s favorite scent. Most stores open late have candle sections!

If your spouse likes a massage, consider getting a massage oil or a coupon for relaxing for half a day at a spa salon that your mate has mentioned wanting to visit.

Pick a fragrance that matches the personality and style of your husband or wife.

Even the word chocolate creates a vision of romance. Boxes of chocolate candy in the shape of hearts can be found most everywhere around Valentine’s Day.

If you can find a book of romantic poetry at the last minute, you can then make time each day to read a poem to one another. If you can’t find the book, then try to write a poem yourself.

It doesn’t have to be an expensive piece of jewelry, but it does need to speak a message of your love. A locket or a heart shaped pendant or brooch are generally available around Valentine’s Day.

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