​Loyal Chinese Dog Refuses To Leave Owner’s Grave

Staff Reporter
Dec. 2, 2013

Loyal Chinese Dog - A dog that is still loyal to his owner in China, Lao Pan, still guards his master. Pan recently died and the puppy was willing to go a week without food just to remain steadfast with his owner. And even through tragedy, the love and bond they built still lives on.

Pan lived in the Chinese village of Panjiatun, but died earlier this month at the age of 68. His furry friend was found by villagers at Pan’s grave safeguarding the site according to BBC News. The loyal pup refused to leave even after going seven days without food.

Sky News reports that since noticing Pan’s best friend, villagers have been bringing food and water to the gravesite, and are even planning to build a kennel there for the dog to sleep in.

This loyal chinese dog draws parallels to other famously loyal hounds, Digital Journal points out, such as Hachiko, Japan’s most faithful canine.

Hachiko would greet his master at the train station each evening in Japan, until one day his owner had a stroke and died at work. Although Hachiko was adopted, his loyalty remained. Legend has it that Hachiko went to the train station each night to wait for his master.

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