​Lululemon Pants Return To Retail Store Shelves​​

Lululemon black yoga pants are beginning to return to store shelves. Back in March, the bottoms were taken out of stores everywhere for being too sheer.

Lululemon Pants Return

Lululemon Athletica Inc. claims that the error was due to the sheerness on a style change and problems with production. They have since hired a new team to oversee the making of the pricey athletic pants.

Each pair of these pants, designed for yoga and hitting the gym, range from $72 to $98.

The company said Monday that it will be steadily increasing the stock of Luon pants throughout June. The “inkwell Wunder Under” yoga pants were available Monday on the company’s website, and checks by Wedbush analysts found the black “Groove” and “Astro” pants in stores across the country over the weekend.

Wedbush said its research indicated that “customers were please(d) with the opacity of the pants” and that demand for them means more people went to Lululemon stores in the past few days.

Lululemon expects to lose $57 million to $67 million in revenue due to this mistake.