McDonald's Offers New Variety By Adding Curly Fries

By: , NewsOXY Reporter
08/09/2021 07:26 AM ET

McDonald's is tossing its hat into the latest potato cuisine by offering curly fries, but these aren't the kind you find at Arby's, these tasty twisters can only be found at limited fast-food chains.

In fact, those curly Twister Fries are only available in the Philippines, where many call the fast food chain "McDo." But the fries are only available for a limited time, Vibe magazine reported, costing about $1.43 in U.S. dollars or P60. Twister Fries were added to the menu on Aug. 1, according to the McDo Facebook page, and will be available for purchase for three weeks throughout the Philippines.

"It's time to get twisted again," McDo wrote. "The famous McDonald's Twister Fries is definitely back! Prioritize 'em because they're only available for the next THREE WEEKS!"

The limited offer joins the ranks of other popular, and seasonal, McDonald's favorites, like the Shamrock Shake, McBites and the McRib sandwich, all limited menu items.

But it appears in the Philippines, the curly fries have sprouted a cult following, evident on the Facebook page that has many people begging the Twister Fries not be limited edition.

"Twister Fries, please Don't GO! Like and share this page guys!" Facebook user Coy Caballes wrote.

In 2008, the fast food chain switched over to cook the fries in canola-based zero-trans-fat cooking oil, but in a way so that the healthier cooking method wouldn't compromise its signature taste.