​Mega Millions $115 Million: Lottery Jackpot For Mega Millions Soar

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August 10, 2021

Mega Millions $115 million jackpot soars to highest levels in several weeks as lottery-winning hopefuls check the latest drawing.

According to dBTechno, the Mega Millions lottery has reached $115 million because it has gone unclaimed for several consecutive drawings. The winning numbers for this weekend’s drawing are: 09, 16, 61, 70, 75, MB 07. While it seems like a long stretch and against the odds of winning such a jackpot, people are still buying tickets. The Mega Millions lottery website also shares the news of one recent winner, reporting:

“June 19, 2014 - Glenn Eaton, of Atlanta, Steuben County, N.Y., won a $1,000,000 Mega Millions prize from the May 27, 2014, drawing by changing just one part of his lottery routine … Eaton said he plays the Mega Millions game about once a week. On the day of the drawing, he went out to buy his wife a soda at Mikey’s Gas Mart on Wayland Street in North Cohocton, and decided to buy his ticket.”

Eaton said something told him to buy a ticket for that night’s drawing. He normally picks his own numbers, but that day he decided to buy a Quick Pick ticket instead. It was that change in his routine that made him into a new lottery millionaire.

The next day Eaton went back to Mikey’s Gas Mart and scanned his ticket. That’s when he found out that he was a big winner. Eaton said:

“I felt a little light headed and my hands started tingling when I realized I had won the one million dollar second prize”

The Mega Millions $115 million jackpot has prompted lottery fever. So far, no one has claimed a winning ticket this weekend. But if there is a winner, we probably won’t find out for a couple of days.

People who win the lottery are usually quiet because of all the media that their winning ticket can attract. There is also the soliciting from multiple organizations hoping the new lottery winner will donate to good causes, such as charity events. That’s why most people want to remain anonymous because it attracts too much pressure.

A few months ago, Kelsey Zachow, 24, became a winner on June 13. She quickly hired a lawyer and financial planner to help her plan for the future. Zachow hopes to travel across Europe. Lottery officials said:

“After sharing the good news with a few close friends and family members, Zachow locked the ticket in a safe, and then began to make plans … The next few weeks were busy for the new millionaire as she met with financial planners and a lawyer to get ready to collect her big prize.”

The Mega Millions $115 lottery has been growing with no big jackpot winner in months. The possibly of winning a portion of the Mega Millions has sent people in overdrive. That’s because even if you win a share of the jackpot, the winnings could be huge.