​Miss South Texas 100 Pounds After Teased From Bullies

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June 1, 2021

Miss South Texas lost 100 pounds after being teased about her weight as a teenager, and it’s not everyday you hear about such an inspirational story. The Texas beauty dealt with cruel taunts that led her fighting to a beauty pageant.

Keli Kryfko, 23 weighed more than 200lbs when she was at middle school and wore a U.S. dress size 24. However, at the age of 14 she decided to get in shape after hearing another student refer to her as “the fat girl” when she failed a P.E. fitness test. She fought back in a positive way.

Kryfko remembers taking a fitness test for gym class and failing all the requirements, according to the New York Daily News. “She couldn’t do sit-ups or push-ups, and she couldn’t finish running a mile,” the paper said.

“I knew that that’s not what I wanted my definition to be anymore,” Miss Kryfko told CBS News. In a bid to battle the bulge, one of the first things the Houston native did was ditch sugary sodas for water. “I decided that I needed to make a change and I started by kicking out Dr Pepper which I always say was my toughest break-up to date.”

From there, Kryfko started making other small changes to her diet.

“I just used logic,” she recalled. “I thought, well I probably need to eat less fried foods and maybe I can eat the burger without the cheese.”

In a year-and-a-half she managed to lose around 70lbs and 100lbs in total. The natural brunette’s transformation was complete with the addition of platinum blonde hair.

With a newfound sense of confidence, Kryfko decided to explore the world of beauty pageants and witnessed quick success. Her biggest wins so far include Miss Allen 2012, Miss Limestone 2013 and Miss South Texas 2014. She is now vying for the title of Miss Texas, with the contest set to take place in July.

Although she is half the size she used to be, Miss Kryfko says she’s still curvier than the average pageant contestant.

“I like to think that it gives me an advantage,” she added.

Along with watching what she eats, the Texas Tech University graduate also fits exercise into her schedule.

Justin Murphy, a fitness trainer who is getting Miss Kryfko in shape for the Miss Texas contest, said weight loss is 80per cent diet and 20per cent exercise.

“You want to lose one pound a week, that’s a healthy range,” he said. “Shoot for six small meals a day. Focus on getting protein in every meal.”

Kryfko says her ultimate dream is to be a motivational speaker and she offers words of inspiration to others via her blog, High Heels and Treadmills.