​Officer Returns $120,000: CHP Officer Recovers Cash For Rightful Owner

CHP Officer Recovers Cash For Rightful Owner

An officer returns $120,000 to its rightful owner in California after spotting a large bank deposit bag lying on the road.

The person is being hailed a hero after returning a large amount of money to its rightful owner, according to Examiner. She says she struggles to pay the bills like most of us, but she didn’t hesitate to turn the money in. The off-duty cop, who asked not to be identified, couldn’t believe what she found.

“I opened it up just enough to see that it was hundred dollar bills … I was like, oh my god, it didn’t feel real.”

It all happened while the she was off-duty. The officer saw a large bank deposit bags as she was driving down a road and decided to check them out. Much to her surprise, it was real, $120,000 worth zipped inside.

As the officer returns $120,000 to a local police station, she learned that the money was actually the life savings of the man who owned it. He was grateful for the good deed. He couldn’t thank the off-duty cop enough.

In a statement, the CHP officer said:

“It was the right thing to do. I am paid to uphold the law and it’s my job to set the example, whether I’m working or not. I am happy to hear the rightful owner was identified and that the money has been returned.”

The officer will receive a commendation at a private ceremony, according to the United Press International. The incident returns a good reputation back to the CHP in light of recent allegations involving officers that surfaced this month. A CHP sergeant in Vacaville was arrested by Vacaville police on suspicion of possessing child pornography.

What would you do if you found $120,000 lying in the middle of the street? A poll by the Associated Press suggests that most people would’ve kept the cash for themselves. A smaller percentage of people said they would turn it in, hoping that there was an award.

The CHP plans to present the officer with a commendation at a private ceremony later this fall. As the CHP returns the cash, she is using the incident to teach her children honesty. It’s a quality that she wants future generations to have.

The discovery happened as the off-duty officer was driving her personal car in Concord last month. She saw something in the road and had to swerve to avoid hitting it. That’s she made a U-turn and retrieved the bags with the cash.

While an officer returns $120,000, it might explain one thing. Although we do not know her name, she has been in law enforcement for over 20 years, NBC Bay Area notes. She never hesitated to turn the money over to the Concord police department. That much says a lot.

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