​Sandy Couple Lottery: Hurricane Sandy Victims Win Jackpot After Losing Home

Author: Jennifer HongBy:
Staff Reporter
Apr. 13, 2015

A Superstorm Sandy couple have won the lottery after the storm brought nothing but devastation into their lives. They now have hit the jackpot in their state of Connecticut, according to Examiner. Their lives started out on hard times when they met, but now they are ready to celebrate.

The 2012 storm washed away Mary Ann Daino’s Staten Island, N.Y. home. At the same time, Dennis Klaus lost his home in Brooklyn, N.Y. Daino said this only proves that life doesn’t end with turmoil.

“You have to keep the faith, because there is life afterwards. And there’s a wonderful life waiting.”

They were strangers then and moved separately to New Milford, Conn. in an effort to rebuild their lives. They met at New Faith Church — and that’s where they fell in love, igniting hope for a new and better life.

However, the path to rebuilding hasn’t been easy for the couple and they spent a year living in a close-quarters mobile home, according to The Inquisitr.

The Superstorm Sandy couple bought a lottery ticket six months ago, hoping to hit the jackpot. They tucked the ticket away for safekeeping in a safety deposit box until they could determine if they owed the IRS or Wells Fargo any money.

“We lost everything before and we didn’t want to lose everything again. We wanted to be careful, so we talked to an accountant and a lawyer first.”

Daino said that in October 2013 they were among the many who received temporary housing in New Milford. Not the two will get a new home together.

“It’s still kind of hard to accept the fact that I am alive and I have been given this miracle of placement in Connecticut. We’re leaving here and going straight to the bank to put an offer on a house. It’s the house of our dreams. It’s important that people know you have to keep the faith because there is life afterwards, and there’s a wonderful life waiting.”

The Superstorm Sandy couple will take the lottery cash winnings to the bank, notes The Huffington Post. The prize was more than $250,000, but after taxes they will take home about $180,000. The couple plans to put the money toward a down payment for a home in New Milford. Klaus said they took their time claiming the prize.

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