​Town Learns Sign Language: Village Adopts Sign Language For Samsung Ad

Town Learns Sign Language
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Mar, 10, 2015 | 10:00 AM

A town learns sign language to surprise a hearing-impaired man in Istanbul. It’s definitely the work of humanity at its best, as the man’s sister teamed up with a production crew as part of a Samsung ad, according to Firstpost. The crews spent a month setting up cameras around his neighborhood.

On the day of the surprise, he walks around town and people greet him using sign language. At one point, he asks his sister, “What’s going on?” At the end of the video, everything is revealed to him. It’s an emotional moment that brings him to tears.

The town learns sign language video is part of a Samsung campaign in Turkey, a calling initiative, which enables easier communication for deaf people. All that work was worthwhile when Muharrem began to tear up. In that day, he was given the gift of community.

In the ad, Ozlem takes Muaharrem out and about on what he thinks is a normal day, according to Sportact. That is, until the guy behind the counter of a local shop greets him with sign language. “We’ve got bagels,” the man said.

As the town learns sign language for this particulate ad, it pays off when the two men go outside and find another guy talking to them. “I’d like to offer you an apple,” the man said. By this point he’s starting to get a little weirded out with all the sudden communication.

Muaharrem bumps into a woman who signs an apology at him. Muaharrem and Ozlem get in a cab. The driver signs “hello.”

Then, the unthinkable happened. The cab drops them off in a public square where Muaharrem’s neighbors greet him. The production crew reveals the whole thing was part of an advertisement for Samsung Turkey’s new video call center for the hearing impaired.

It’s a wonderful story how a town learns sign language for one man. Muaharrem felt normal that day and it all took was a few signs to signal a friendly “hello” or an apology, notes WPTV. It’s remarkable.

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