​Unborn Babys Fingernail Send Mother Into Life-Threatening Coma​​

By: | 01/09/2021 09:35 AM ET
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An unborn baby’s hair or fingernail from one of her twins nearly took her life as their mother, Angela Cottam, said the item passed into her bloodstream by the newborn during birth.

Unborn Baby's Fingernail

It’s a rare condition, which only affects one in 80,000 births, caused Cottam to suffer severe internal bleeding as her lungs collapsed.

Nevertheless, they were not the only ones who are lucky to be alive. The twins, Amelie and Ava, were born five weeks premature, and had to be resuscitated with oxygen.

The primary school teacher lost seven pints of blood, needed 22 transfusions and spent 12 hours in a coma, when doctors told her family, “she might not pull through.”

“I feel so lucky to be here and really blessed that both the girls are with us because it could have been so different,” said Cottam, 33.

“There are moments when I’ve been on my own, and I’ve had a little cry and thought ‘What if?’ But I try not to dwell on that and just thank my lucky stars the doctors and midwives on duty that day recognized what was happening.”

It’s one of those unborn baby stories that will probably be told over and over again for decades to come. Everyone is now doing fine.

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