​Wide-Faced Men Lie - Study​​

September 6, 2021

Wide-Faced Men Lie - According to some new studies men who have wider faces are linking with aggression and those who lie. The perceptions of untrustworthiness study is interesting.

One study entailed researchers measuring the facial width to heigh ratio of 192 Masters of Business Administration students, 115 of them being men. The task was then to split the student into two groups, the buyers and sellers and have them negotiate on some property. After the examinations were complete the researchers found wide-faced men Lie during the buying and selling negotiations.

In another study scientist made college students role a pair of dice to see home many time they would be entered into a lottery within a business ethics class. The student were given the opportunity to lie on the dice roll and the study showed that wider-faced men overstated their dice roll by 18.6 percent, where as narrower faced men were only at 2 percent.

Although the studies showed string evidence the scientist caution people to not make haste decisions or reactions. Researcher Michael Haselhuhn, a management scholar at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee commented by stating, “We caution individuals to not consider men’s facial structure to the exclusion of all factors. Ethics research has shown that even small situational factors, such as whether it is light or dark in a room, can have a major impact on ethical judgment.

He continued to state, “In our studies, we controlled the environment to a large extent, and men were able to lie and cheat nearly anonymously; in other settings, where either men are held accountable for their actions, or when they find themselves in an organization that cultivates an honest work environment, the effects of men’s facial structure will likely be mitigated to a certain degree.”